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Eklavya School, Ahmedabad

Activity Sheet

Activity: To purify a given sample of common salt Date: Name / Signature Class: 7
You will need Two beakers, funnel, funnel stand, filter paper, glass rod, dish, sand bath, burner, test tubes.
What you need to do

1. Make a solution of common salt in water.

2. Add water till the whole of salt dissolves.

3. Allow the solution to stand for sometime.

Q.What do you observe?

4. Filter the solution using filter paper.

Q. What do you observe on the filter paper?

5. Take the filtrate in a dish and heat it over a sand bath. Stir the solution frequently until whole of the water has evaporated.

Q. What do you observe on the dish?

6. Scrap out the residue on a sheet of paper.

Q. Is there any difference between the initial and final sample


What the child learns  






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