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Class: 4

Subject: Computer Science  Week No.:
Topic: English game Period No.:

Objective / Contents

Primary Learning

Balloon Man  : In this program, you play a non-violent version of the classic Hangman spelling game.


New Word: Choosing this option will bring up a new word to guess.  You can enter your own word by choosing the Enter Own Word option or allow the computer to choose a word by selecting the Computer Chooses Word option.  If you choose to enter a word, a word entry form will appear.  Type the letters, then click OK. If the computer chooses a word, you can also select the Grade Level (K-6) of the selected word.

Guess a letter (press the letter or click on it) in the word.  If the guess is correct, that letter will be shown in its correct position (s) in the word to be spelled.  If incorrect, one of the balloons the clown is holding will pop and the clown will drop toward the ground.

Aids Used



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