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Class: 2,3 and 4

Subject: Computer Science  Week No.:
Topic: Maths Game Period No.:

Objective / Contents

Maths and Science

In this program, your child learns the basics of multiplication and division


Prior to solving an multiplication and division problem, you set up the problem by selecting the Problem Mode.  Decide between You Input Problem or Computer Selects Problem.  If you choose You Input Problem, you will be asked to enter from 2 to 6 "addends" (the numbers to be added together).  Each addend can have a value from 0 to 999999.  To do this, type the addends in any of the six spaces provided.  If you choose Computer Selects Problem, you must make two other choices.  Choose How Many Numbers? You want to multiply or divide together - choose from 2 to 6.  Next, choose the largest Number of Digits you want in the numbers to be multiplied or divided - select from 1 to 6.  Once a problem is entered or the computer selects one, you can begin solving your multiplication and division  problem by clicking Solve Problem.         

Aids Used



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