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Class: 1 and 2

Subject: Computer Science  Week No.:
Topic: Maths game Period No.:

Objective / Contents

Early Learning

Early Math  :This program teaches you number size concepts, how to add and subtract two numbers, and gives you practice problems


Number Scale: This is an exercise for your child with no right or wrong answers.  It is simply a place where your child can learn number concepts.  By playing with the scale, your child can learn relationships between numbers and objects, learn about number size, and learn beginning addition and subtraction skills.

Math Tutor: In this program, addition and subtraction problems are graphically displayed.  Two options are available.  You may choose either Addition or Subtraction problems.  And, you may choose Small Numbers (0-9) or Large Numbers (0-20).  Options may be changed at any time in the program.


Aids Used



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