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Class : 2

Subject: Maths

Week No:

Topic: Shapes

Periods No:

Material / Aids

Educator can draw all these shapes on hard board and cut them.

Objective / Purpose

Children should be aware of the different shapes as well as they     should be able to recognize the similarities and difference between two shapes.


Educator will brush up their knowledge of the shapes which they did in class 1 asking a variety of questions.

Eg. “Children, you must be knowing some shapes. Now here is one Mister. He says, “ I have 4 equal sides and 4 corners. Who am I ? “ children will come up with answer :  square. To show all sides equal, educator will mark al sides with the same symbol as shown in the figure. Corners will also  be marked as shown in the figure.




(2) Now for the second shape, second question will be formed. Educator will draw a circle on the board and will prompt children to form a   question by reading the picture and by describing the properties of that shape. Educator will help them to start. Eg. I have no …   what ? Children will continue the question saying – no corners. Who am I ? Educator will show them the shape moving her finger in the air to see .The imaginary circle.

  (3)For rectangle, educator will draw the shape of rectangle and a square And will tell them to differentiate the square and the rectangle. To show them two opposite sides equal, educator will mark two pairs with different symbols to differentiate both sides having same vertex. Corners will also be marked.

(4)To explain the properties of triangle, educator will first explain them meaning of the word ‘triangle’.

                  Tri            +            angle

               means                       means

               three                          corners

Educator will explain them this with the example of tricycle. Tricycle means the cycle which has 3 wheels. Children can easily describe this shape that triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners which they will call angles.

(5)Children will recognize oval shape by comparing it with the ‘egg’. Now they will form a quiz for this shape. It will be – “I have no corners and I am of an egg shape. Who am I ?



 Fill in the blanks.

(1)        I have 3 angles. I am a    ______________.

 (2)       I have 4 sides not of same size. I am a   _____________.

 (3)       _________  is of oval shape.

(4) Triangle has ______  angles and  _______  sides.

(5)Bangle is of   __________  shape which  has  _______ corners.


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