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Class : 3

Subject: EVS

Week No:

Topic: Time

Periods No:

Aim To make understand children how modern technology changed communication.

Teaching Methods

Showing modern machines (already visited corehealth factory), using phone, letters, type writer, computer, E-mail, internet board etc.

My role

As children already know about how early men use to exchange messages and how they travel from one places to another. I will tell children how we change our life style according to our necessity. We start travel from place to place in search of food by walking and carrying things on back or head and how they we learn to drag loads along ground sledges. After that we use animals and how wheel change our life. After telling recap of all last few days I will slowly move to what we do today for exchange messages and how we travel. Children will tell mode of messages and travel. I will add some and will discussion in each points. I will demonstrate different between how a rough and wider surface things move and a smooth and round things move. Which one take more force and time to reach destination when you push both things with same force and time. Here children will learn that wheel forms the very basis of every mode of transport. And how it developed as its requirement.

Children’s Activity

As mostly children are aware of modern technology they will able to tell many things which I will write on board. Then ask them when we use all mode of messages and travel. I will give some questions like who invented telephone, steam engine etc. with history behind it. They may be go to library and find the information.

At last we will discuss about advantage and disadvantage of modern and olden communication. I will ask them which era children like most? Why?

What children will gain

After completing classroom discussion children will make chart on communication. How early men exchange messages and travel, How modern era people exchange messages and how travel both urban and rural.

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