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Class : 3

Subject: Maths

Week No:

Topic: Place value

Periods No:

Content Review of Hundreds, Tens and Units and thousand, hundred, tens and unit

Material / Aids

Children themselves, abacus, number board, board

Objective / Purpose

Make understand important of learning place value.


First teacher will explain children that we have only 0 to 9 number. Any big number you tell it will be use these numbers only. We can make hundreds, thousands, millions, billions and many more by using only these numbers. If you change place of a number its value also change. That is why we get different number. We need to learn place value because we donít have any number except these 0-9 numbers.

Teacher will ask three children to come front and she will give right most child no 5 and I will ask children what no. she has carrying? She will give one more 5 no to left one and again ask what no is the child carrying? Again she will give 5 no to left most and will ask what no is this one carrying? Same no she will write on board and tell them to read these whole number. They will say 555 (Five hundred fifty five). Then we will discuss how come three 5 numbers can make 555. If we take separately each five present equal to five things but when they all come together why 555.

Next exercise will be that only right most person will her place. The left most person will come right side of the right most person and middle one now become right most person. Children will tell the value of each person. They will understand that number can be same but because of place change value of number automatically changes.

Next exercise can be with different number. The right most person will not move. She will be stand as a statue but on her left side two more person will joint but the number she is carrying will remain same value. But anybody join on right side of her number value will be change according to how many people stand on right side.

Teacher will write numbers on board a child will call his peer group and arrange them according to what teacher has written on board. Teacher will use same number by changing their place. Now this child will also change place of his peer group to match the number what teacher have written on board. Children will do this exercise until they are not clear. Then teacher will arrange children to make some 3 digit number one child has to write this number on board.

After some clarity they will do this by using abacus. Teacher will show different exercise by using abacus to make 3 digit numbers. Such as to make 101 right most rude will be one middle one will be empty and the third one will be also one. After that I will call one child and tell that show me 534. This child have to show me 534 by using abacus. Similarly many exercise such as children will write the numbers that has shown by abacus. Once they will understand concept of place value children will given many exercise to do one their note-book. Here also question can ask interesting way.

Once children understand teacher will ask to do page no 32 from countdown-3. She will give few more works on 3 digit place value.

She will ask children answer of 9+1=, 99+1= and once children give the answer she will ask what is 999+1= it will be new for many children then teacher will introduce thousand concepts. Many of them will be new word for thousand. Teacher will show answer of 999+1=1000. She will repeat above game with 4 digit no until children will not clear in place value of thousand.

When teacher satisfy that children can do then she will ask to complete work from page no. 34 to 38 from countdown-3 

Reference There are enough worksheets attached for reference.  

 Children can make a small story where they can use place value. There were four ponds left most name was thousand next pondís name was hundred and second last pond name was ten and last pondís name was unit. There was very tiny fish named miss 2 who was living in units pond. One day she jumped on to tens ponds now she became ____, Again after few days she jumped on to hundredís ponds and she became________She realise that her numbers are increase when she changes ponds. So last pond left and she jumped on this pond and now she became _____.

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