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Class : 2

SUBJECT : English (2) WEEK NO     : 
TOPIC      :  Gender   PERIOD NO :  


Objective/ Contents   To introduce gender, to make children understand the concept and usage of masculine and feminine gender.
Methodology             The educator will explain the concept giving a simple example of a noun like boy-girl. The discussion will proceed with various examples. She will then give some confusing example like child. Then she will explain that those nouns that are the names of the living-beings but are neither masculine nor feminine but can be both are called ‘Common genders’. In the same way she would give the example of non-living thing. For example-table, chair, cup, book. With the aid of these examples, she would explain that such genders are called ‘Neuter genders’. Thereafter, Domino game would be played in the class. The class would be divided in the groups of four. The group that finishes the game in the shortest span of time wins the game. Written exercises will be given to them.
Aids used               Black-board, Domino cards (gender), chalk, note-book.
Reference Fun with grammar-2, page 53,54.   Grammar master-2, page 16,17.
Home Work Give five sentences and ask them to change the gender and re-write.

Change the gender of the following:  

1) The emperor loved the prince very much.

2) The shepherd played the part of the hero.  

3) The boy saw the lion and the tiger at the Zoo.    

4) The ladies had watches.

5) The woman told the children stories of heroes.

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