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Worksheet 7 Science Pure Substance and Mixture S/O/C

Q1. "Shake a medicine before use". Explain the meaning.

Q2. Define the terms. (a) Evaporation (b) Condenstation

Q3. What is sublimation? What is the use of naphthalene balls in our houses?

Q4. Classify the following into homogenous or heterogeneous mixtures.

Steel, concrete, syrup, milk, petrol, alcohol, soil, air, soda water, drinking water

Q5. Fill in the blanks:

1. Copper sulphate is commercially known as ___________

2. The liquid, which passes through filter paper, is called the ______

3. ___________ and _________ show the property of sublimation.

4. A pure substance consists of only _______ kind of particles.

5. Melting point of cane sugar is ____________

Q6. Explain the process employed in separation of crème from milk.

Q7. Describe the process of salt manufacturing?

Q8. Match the following:

Sublime substances  evaporation
Air is a mixture  camphor
Cloud formation  O2 and CO2
Purification of iodine  sublimation

Q9. Choose the correct option:

1.Melting point of gold is : 1063oC, 2660oC, 1120oC, 2430oC

2.Specific gravity of gold is : 19.3, 26.4, 38.4, 49.5

3.Brass is a mixture of : tin and copper, tin and iron, copper and zinc, tin and zinc.

4.Centrifugation is used to separate the materials of different : density, weight, temperature and sixes

Q10. Differentiate between pure substances and mixtures.


Name of Educator Date Eklavya School, Ahmedabad


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