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If there was only one thing we could do to improve the quality of our schools, what should that be?

Build Teachers of Tomorrow

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Name:Mr. P D Singh
Tagore Public School 
Building teachers of tomorrow is a monumental task involving prudent planning, careful implementation and constant evaluation and amending things accordingly.  The strategy should stress on the following: 

Attracting talents towards the teaching profession calls for making the job financially pleasing, agreeable and gratifying.  It is a prime need. 

Job satisfying paraphernalia should be made available.  It encompasses effective teaching aids, good library and xerox facility, etc. 

The teacher training programmes must be equipped with up-to-date techniques and above all it should be ingenious and competent enough to generate, ingrain and inculcate in the teacher-trainees a will to teach and a spirit to achieve and committed to the future facing process.  Best teaching skills should be provided.  There must be a sustained impact of the well-planned, proper-aimed training.  The product of the training institutes must be finished, dedicated, devoted, well-informed and of course, fully committed to the task. 

The in-service refresher and orientation courses are the follow-up programmes.  These should be well devised and well executed. 

Good, successful inspiring teachers should, “catch them young” - the students who are potential and fit enough to take up teaching as a profession. 

Principal’s role in this campaign is nonetheless important.  He should reach out to each of his subordinates and release their unique potential by converting their individual talents into individual performance.  A talent has no use if it is not linked to role where it can be put to unique goals, unique capacities and unique accomplishments.  Good, awakened principals focus on the strength of their team of teachers. 

Capability and output must be affirmed and teaching techniques and processes must be streamlined.  It should be forward-looking, not limited to the teaching of syllabus but to see to the personality development of the child.  The Principal should be specifically trained towards Total Quality Management (TQM).  The key to excellent performance is in finding the match between one’s talent and one’s role. 

The whole educational set up has to be forward-looking and future-oriented keeping pace with the fast changing world scenario.  Recognition and reward for excellent performance, is a must not only to avoid any frustration but also to encourage and invigorate for better and continuous performance, honest and well-deserved praise has its own insinuation.  Building teachers for tomorrow is a big task and needs spirited, whole hearted action - a continuing action. 

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