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If there was only one thing we could do to improve the quality of our schools, what should that be?

Build Teachers of Tomorrow

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Dr. G Govindarajan,  
Resource Head,  
Associate Professor of Biology/ Education  
Centre for Biology Education The Choice School Campus  
Another idea is to have a serious workshop with all school principals on the subject.  It is, however, obvious to me, that at least 80% of them are “fossil principals” who are content with only recalling historical anecdotes about how their times were ... but these people will not make their own effort to change the situation now because “there is nothing in it of material value” to them.  Yet, it may be worth reaching out to the entire crowd.  
Along the same line, you also might want to make the concerned authorities at the NCERT, CBSE boards to get involved.  It is my observation that many schools will get their engines started only when they get the fuel from the NCERT and CBSE board people.  It is also my observation that the people at NCERT and CBSE are lacking in vision and mission on how school reform needs to be speeded up to cope with the changes in 21st century school education.  I believe many areas in school education, including examination reform, research and evaluation, high quality teacher recruitment and retention, and so on need major attention and action right now before it becomes too late. 

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