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If there was only one thing we could do to improve the quality of     our schools, what should that be?

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Mr. Mathew C. Ninan,  
Little Rock Indian School 

There is a crying need to humanise our schools, making them second homes for children, a place of warmth and security, led by teachers with an ardent passion for teaching and capable of loving and motivating their children to learn more and behave better. 
organisations such as NCERT and CBSE should be in the vanguard of the reform which our schools need so very badly. 

Our schools should become welcome places for children, where there is a lot of fun and laughter.  The shrill, uninhibited giggles and laughter and shouts of our children should eco in our schools.  Whimper, tears and cries should have no place in our schools.  Teachers should be foster-parents, who gently, yet firmly guide the destinies of the children in their care.  They must love and respect the children, so they would get the same in return from the children.  Teachers should not only teach their children well, they must also treat their children well.  That would make a good school, for there is no greater hope for our country than good schools, which are effective schools, in a very real sense. 

A two-pronged strategy is required.  What is urgently required is an administrative and legislative initiative to ensure violence-free schooling.  Stringent laws are required to put an end to all forms of violence on children in schools and homes.  The second strategy involves programmes to conscientise teachers to the above reforms needed in our schools.  Teacher training programmes should include curricular components giving a vital thrust to a new schooling where love and care form the bedrock of a child’s education.  Fear and punishment should have no place in a school set-up.  Learning may be rigorous, but not an ordeal in such a school.  Such a one may be called a `positively effective school’.

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