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Class: 5

Subject: Science  Week No.:
Topic: Air Period No.:

Objective / Contents:

General Objective: Children will understand that air is very essential for the survival of human beings.

Specific Objectives:

1. Children learns about different constituents of air by knowing that air is mixture.

2. Proves that air contains Co2

3. Understands that air is essential for the life of all living beings.

4. Understands that air is necessary for combustion.

5. Understands that air is everywhere and air has weight.


Introduction:   Children will be asked to take deep breath and close their eyes. As they open their eyes, one empty glass will be shown to them. They will be asked, “ Is there anything in this glass?” They will be informed that air is there in the glass. Air is everywhere although it is not visible.

Activity 1: To prove that air is everywhere, one small experiment will be conducted. A crumbled paper will be kept at the bottom of the glass. The glass will be inverted in the bucket of water. After a minute, glass will be take and the paper will be shown. The paper won’t turn wet. The reason for this will be discussed.

The scientific reason behind the paper not getting wet is presence of the air in the glass which unables the water to enter into the glass. Hence the paper doesn’t turn wet.

Activity 2: Bubbles will be blown in the class. They would be asked as to what helped in formation of bubbles. A wind wane, kite and whistle will be shown. Importance of windmill will be discussed. More examples from daily life will be discussed like tyres of vehicles, wet clothes getting dried up, etc.

Activity 3: Air is needed for combustion will be explained with a simple experiment. On a lighted candle, a glass will be inverted. After sometime, the candle gets extinguished. The reasons for this will be discussed. Here the candle got extinguished as oxygen present in the glass was used up and after some time there was absence of oxygen in the glass. As candle needs oxygen to burn it blew off after some time. Example of chulha having gaps between firewood's will be told.

Activity 4: Human beings need oxygen, so oxygen is one of the constituents of air. Which are the other constituents of air will be asked? The chart will be shown.

Nitrogen 78.06% useful to human beings and plants
Oxygen 20.96% useful to human beings
Argon, helium, water vapour 0.94% helps in producing rain
Carbon dioxide 0.04% plants need for breathing

Activity 5: A simple experiment will be shown which will prove that oxygen is present in the air. A candle will be lighted in a dish, water will be poured in it and a glass will be inverted. Candle will blow off and water will come in the glass. Here the water comes in as the air pressure is high outside the glass compared to inside the glass and the vacuum is created inside the glass so the water moves in to fill up the vacuum.

If time remains: Difference between air and wind will be told, i.e., wind is air in motion. How is the velocity of wind measured will be explained.

Aids Used:

A glass, crumbled paper, water, bowl, wind wane, kite, bubble- instrument (liquid soap & wire), candle, a dish and worksheet.



Home Work:

Assignment: Worksheet will be given to students, which is based on the concept that air has weight. The worksheet compels students to perform the experiment and then solve the worksheet by writing their observations.

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