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Class : Sr. Kg

Subject: Science

Week No:

Topic: Soluble and insoluble

Periods No:

Material / Aids

2 Beakers (transparent), salt, sugar, turmeric and sand.

Objective / Purpose

Understand  the concept of soluble and insoluble.


Take water in a beakers. Add a spoon full of salt and stir it. The salt will disappears. Make the children taste the water after dissolving salt. Ask what us the taste of water. Tell them that the salt has mixed up with water and so the taste of the salt is there in the water. Then tell the children that sugar also gets mixed with water. Perform and show it dissolving sugar in water. After the children have tasted the sugar solution tell them that sugar and salt dissolve in water. Show similarly using turmeric and sand. Do not make the children  taste. The solution instead ask them to observe what happens. i.e they do not dissolve.

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